5th Grade

5th Grade Team Page

Welcome to Fifth Grade at Adams!
Fifth Grade at Adams Elementary School is an exciting year! We are working to build our fifth grade learning community with high expectations, clear procedures, and strong relationships. Students will be experiencing an engaging curriculum while also learning to prepare for the middle school environment. We will participate in many different field trips to enrich our curriculum. Students have the opportunity to take a leadership role at Adams through their monthly activities with their second grade Co-Pilots. Fifth graders will also have the opportunity to participate in band, strings, and chorus. Important communications will be shared with you through our team emails, quarterly academic newsletters, monthly calendars and our LMS page.. As always, feel free to call or e-mail if you have questions. We are looking forward to building a successful year together.

Planners & Homework
Students will have homework every day in 5th grade. Each student is given a Planner to record their assignments. Students are expected to use their Planner on a daily basis. This will help them to be prepared for class. It also helps them develop necessary organizational skills. If a student loses their Planner, they will be expected to get a replacement or use a notebook to record their assignments. Students will bring their Planners home each day. Please check your child’s Planner and sign it to let us know that you have seen it and are aware of their homework obligations for the day. This is a great way to help your child work toward being a responsible student, and impress upon them that parents and teachers are working together as a team to support them in their educational journey. Thank you for your partnership!

This year the fifth graders will continue their journey of becoming great readers. The students are continuing to learn how to take notes as they read, use context clues and word parts to figure out unknown words, and comprehend complex text. Weekly assessments are taken most often on Thursdays.
It is an expectation in fifth grade for students to read in their personal library book for at least 20 minutes in school every day. In addition, students need to read at least 20 minutes at home each day (longer amounts would be even better). This is crucial to your child’s success!!!

Our spelling words are linked to our reading series. Please check your child’s planner each week to find out which day their next spelling test will be given. Your child may not always take their spelling test on the same day each week. The students also have their spelling words attached in their planner each week or in their homework folder.

It is imperative that fifth graders know their math facts. This will help them be more successful when they solve long multiplication, division, and fraction problems. Students can practice their math facts by using flash cards and websites (see some possible sites below).

Math homework will be a daily opportunity for our students to practice their skills outside of the classroom.  Daily math homework is an expectation of Lincoln Public Schools.

Students will be expected to show “how they know” on many of their homework assignments. This skill will be especially important for students to use on unit tests. Parents can assist their child by reviewing their homework to ensure they have explained their thinking on homework problems.


Social Studies – 4 Units
Quarter 1: Indigenous First Nations
Quarter 2: Cultural Exchange & Early Settlement
Quarter 3: Establishing a Nation of States
Quarter 4: Growth and Change

Quarter 1:  Water and Wetlands
Quarter 2:  Scientific Investigations
Quarter 3:  Rocks and Minerals
Quarter 4:  Chemistry

Grade 5 Specials Schedules

SubjectDay 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5
Computer ScienceMischnickMayBoyleFlodmanRedel