3rd Grade

Welcome to third grade! Third grade is a big year for growth and transition in your child’s education. We look forward to ensuring that every child will be successful. We have high expectations for academic achievements and behaviors. We are looking forward to partnering with your family all year! Please feel free to contact us if you have questions or concerns.


Your child will be expected to complete homework. We recommend that you set a time (20-30 minutes) and a quiet place for your child to work on his/her homework each evening. Please help us by seeing that homework is returned each day in the homework folder.If your child does not return his/her homework their teacher will develop a plan with them to make sure that it does get completed. Please also include practice with basic facts as a part of your student’s daily homework responsibility.

Math Homework-Reinforces the math objective for the day-Sent home nightly Monday-Friday-Due back the next school day

Reading Homework-Practices fluency and comprehension-Sent home on Monday and due Friday of the same week-Students should read 15-20 minutes eachnight to improve literacy skills.

Spelling-List sent home on Monday and tested on Friday-Use the spelling list as a study guide each week